Milton Hershey Company(n)-

a successful company worth billions of dollars created in 1894 through the perseverance of one man

Milton Hershey went through many failures in his life before creating the hugely successful Hershey company. When he was fourteen years old, Hershey became an apprentice for an editor of a newspaper in order to please his father. However, it was evident that Hershey was not meant to be a printer and eventually he was fired. After this disappointment, Hershey’s mother found him an apprenticeship in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Joseph Royer, a candy and ice cream maker. Hershey learned the arts of this craft and discovered what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. After four years of working with Royer, Hershey moved to Philadelphia where he attempted to start his own confectionery business at the age of nineteen. His mother and aunt helped support his business but the venture never reached success. Despite their hard work of six years, the business went bankrupt in 1882 and Hershey was forced to move back to the Lancaster area. In 1882, Milton Hershey traveled to Denver, where he worked with a local confectioner who showed him the process of making caramels with fresh milk. This knowledge would later lead to Hershey’s success. In 1883, Milton attempted to create another business in New York City and three years later, this venture also failed. Hershey road to success was marked with many failures and disappointments in his life.

Hershey had tampered with the caramel but he knew his true calling was making chocolate. Hershey began creating chocolate when he bought German chocolate-making machinery at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. In 1894, Hershey Chocolate Company was created as a subsidiary of his caramel company. Wanting to focus on creating chocolate, Hershey sold his caramel company for one million dollars in 1900. He also commenced experimenting with recipes for milk chocolate trying to achieve perfection. In the late 1900, Hershey’s chocolate began to sell and experience success. Due to his product’s popularity, Hershey decided to make a big chocolate factory in Derry Township where he could have access to fresh milk, water, rail lines and hard workers. Hershey also chose a rural area to build his factory so his employees would have a healthy and beautiful place to live. Derry Township became a community revolving around Hershey and his factory. Hershey built a bank building and provided telephone services and new schools for his community. The town was later renamed to Hershey after its founder. Hershey chocolate quickly spread across America as huge amounts of chocolate were created in the factory using mass production techniques. Hershey’s chocolate company eventually became one of the most popular candy companies in America.



Hershey's chocolate is widespread across America producing the largest amount of quality chocolate in North America.


"Carmels are only a fad. Chocolate is a permanent thing!"
-Milton Hershey